Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pettiskirt Princess

Heather and I were asked to do one year birthday shots for our favorite little girl. It was so much fun because we got to shoot out in their barn and the lighting conditions worked out well for us. We love these shots and getting to be a little more creative. We are anxious to see how her birthday invite turns out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Tabitha Revisted!

Little Tabitha gave me and Heather another chance to dress her up and snap some pictures. We had so many ideas and props we wanted to try, but she had other ideas. We were happy with what we were able to get after Heather "baby-whispered" her to sleep!

Joco Couture

Look at all these wonderful photography props that Heather created! A talented photographer, crocheter and knitter all -in-one. Joco Couture sells heirloom quality knitted and crochet items for photographers and clients. She will custom make items as well. Any newborn would look adorable in her wee ones wear.

Fine Art Textures on Prints

Heather and I have been branching out into the realm of using fine art textures over images to give a more artistic appeal to different subject matter. We will be adding examples of effects to our gallery and they will be available as an option to our clients at an additional cost. We think these will look wonderful on fine print paper, canvas wraps as well as other gallery wall hangings that we offer our clients as special orders.

Tabitha over-JOY-ed

Heather had a newborn session with the subject of our first maternity shoot. Little Tabitha was a beautiful, chubby newborn. Heather's images capture the pure beauty and serenity of the first week of life. I am absolutely in LOVE with her black and whites. The adorable bear hat and beautiful hiney cover and hat were all hand-made by Heather and can be found at Joco Couture on

Lady in Red

We ventured out on our first maternity session. Barring the weather and the lack of fabulous location, we managed to improvise and were able to share some images that truly celebrated the joy of an expectant mother.

Big B and Little E

These were two of the bubbliest, photogenic children we have had to date! What a pleasure to work with this family - they made our job so very easy and the pictures were all so lovely!